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EMC/EMI Consulting Services



Please send us an email at EMC@edealliance.com for all your EMC/EMI inquiries.


We offer expert advice and guidance on the design of electrical/electronic equipment for regulatory Compliance, specifically in the EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) and Product Safety areas.

    Design phase support includes:    

  • System partitioning for efficient and cost effective EMC solutions.
  • PC Board component placing and etch routing for sensitive high speed lines.
  • I/O port design for compliance to international standards for ESD, EFT and emissions.
  • Telcom port design for compliance to NEBS/ GR1089 criteria.


    Testing support includes:    

  • Planning the complete test cycle for production release.
  • Selection of appropriate test laboratories.
  • Guidance on test criteria selection and international standards compliance.


  Regulatory compliance support includes:    

  • Planning for US and International requirements.
  • Proper wording on Declarations of Conformity.
  • Selection of Certification Bodies.
  • Wireless (licensed, low power unlicensed, US, Canada, EU and Singapore)