DSP Design Services

eDE Alliance is dedicated to providing services that target base band signal processing applications in a variety of media. Example applications include image processing, speech/audio compression, voice identification/recognition, video and image coding. We also offer expertise in the field of system design and modem technologies, with particular attention to telecommunications, motion control, and consumer based products.  

eDE Alliance offers engineering services to complement client's efforts in the development of similar products. The following is a summary of project areas in which we have expertise:


DSP Firmware Design Services

  • Voice Compression
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Voice/Audio Equalizer

Signal Processing & Algorithm Development

  • Voice Processing (Speech coding, Voice Recognition)
  • Synthesis (Text to Speech)
  • Channel Coding (FEC)
  • Audio Coding
  • Image Processing & Coding
  • Voice Coding
  • Noise, Echo Cancellations

DSP Design Services

  • DSP Architecture Design
  • DSP Instruction set Design
  • DSP Development tools design: Compilers, Assemblers, Debuggers, Linkers, Translator and Simulator



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