FPGA Design Services

Today's designers are continually challenged with designing and integrating complete digital sub-systems onto a single programmable logic device (PLD). The value of these devices include the ability to shorten development cycles for electronic equipment manufactures and to help them get the product(s) to market faster. eDE Alliance offers a full range of design services to meet our customer's requirements, including

  • Floor planning and optimization
  • Synthesis to target technology
  • Timing closure and timing optimization
  • Hardware/Software co-verification
  • FPGA prototyping
  • Integration of Hardware/Software interface

eDE Alliance has the expertise in using the latest tools for quickly developing, simulating, and testing FPGA designs. These tools include

  • Altera - Quartus II, MaxPlus II, Exemplar, ModelSim, Synplify, Cadence
  • Xilinx - Foundation, Synplify, FPGA Express, Exemplar, ModelSim, Cadence

eDE Alliance has the experience designing with many of the latest FPGAs products from the major vendors in the market, including

  • Altera - Stratix, Stratix GX, Cyclone, APEX II,
    APEX 20K, Mercury, MAX 7000
  • Xilinx - Virtex II Pro, Virtex II, Spartan IIE,

eDE Alliance employs a set of design guidelines to help improve device performance and enhance simulation testing. The following are some key design guidelines that we employ:

  • FPGAs are developed using either Verilog or VHDLMaximize the use of synchronous logic design rules with synchronous resets to maximize performance
  • External clocks are re-generated with PLLs to reduce skew
  • Do not use gated clocks or combinatorial clocks
  • State machines are encoded to reduce complexity and maximize performance.
  • Used data path pipelining
  • All synchronous memories

eDE Alliance has extensive experience in developing IP cores for customer designs. We have experience both in developing core designs as well as implementing vendor supplied cores designs. The cores that have been developed by us include

  • MD5 Message Digest
  • SHA-1 Message Digest
  • AES Data Encryption Standard
  • Single Data Rate SDRAM Controller
  • SPI-4
  • SPI-2
  • I2C
  • Fragmentation and Re-Assembly function for IBM switch fabric

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