Motion Control Design Services


Motion Control, in electronic terms, means to accurately control the movement of an object based on speed, distance, load, inertia or a combination of all these factors. There are numerous types of motion control systems, including Stepper Motor, Linear Step Motor, DC Brush, Brushless, Servo, Brushless Servo and more.

In theory, a Stepper motor is a marvel in simplicity. It has no brushes, or contacts. Basically it's a synchronous motor with the magnetic field electronically switched to rotate the armature magnet around.

Many motion applications have more than one motor to control. In such cases a multi-axes control system is to be considered. Some applications require a high degree of synchronization such as circular or linear interpolation in such case it may be necessary to coordinate the movement with a central processor. eDE Alliance can accommodate a variety of single board or modular level controllers designs for these types of operations.

eDE Alliance is experienced in all types of motion control design. We can architect and design systems and/or subsystems for all your motion control requirements. Our company offers you design services that include the creation of hardware and software design documents, software GUIs, software drivers, design for testability, design for manufacturability, integration with your mechanical design, electrical and electronic design of virtually any Printed Circuit Board.

These tasks can be done in collaboration with your design and manufacturing teams or as a fully turnkey solution. Prototypes can be built and the product debugged and made fully operational. This process verifies that the product meets your technical product specifications.

Our expertise includes:

All types of motion controller board designs including:

  • Stepper & Servo Motor Drivers
  • Stepper & Servo Controller
  • Linear DC Motor Controllers
  • Multi-axes positioning systems

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