Prototyping, Test & Debug Services

eDE Alliance is experienced in the prototyping, testing and the debug of your electronic hardware. We offer these services as a follow-on to our design services, and as a separate consulting service to our customers. We also offer as a service, to take a completed design through the prototype phase, and provide the testing and debug support. These tasks can be done in collaboration with your design team, or autonomously as required. We can also required testing, based on our customer's needs.

Our services include:

Prototyping available for many types of electronic and mechanical designs including:

  • Analog and Digital designs
  • Chassis and/or enclosures
  • Systems

Testing and DVT:

  • Testing to your design specifications
  • Design Verification Testing
  • Voltage margin testing
  • Frequency margin testing
  • Temperature margin testing
  • Mechanical enclosure form factor & fit
  • Any combination of these parameters are available

Design Debug:

  • Debug of complex design problems
  • We will debug or assist with debugging your design

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