System Integration Services

We at eDE Alliance can help our clients with all aspects of their system integration needs. We logically and methodically proceed to fulfill client’s requirements by executing the following 10 steps prior to any system design/integration and on to production release:

  1. Discussion of user needs- The first step in any custom program is a clear understanding of the user's needs. This usually includes the estimated overall cost, the estimated schedules, the feature set, such as how many and what type of I/O points, which features are programmable and which are fixed, etc.; physical requirements, including I/O connector and cabling types, enclosure dimensions, and environmental issues; and other general requirements.

  2. Formal specification- The next step is to reduce the general requirements to a formal specification that describes in detail the exact board size, location and type of I/O headers, I/O features, bus interface, and even key components. At this point a formal order is placed to eDE Alliance Systems for the custom development.

  3. Schematic, mechanical design and review- From the specification circuit schematics and/or mechanical drawings are created to implement the required design. Interaction between the customer and eDEA Systems Engineering will ensure that all details are implemented to the satisfaction of both parties.

  4. PCB layout and review- After the customer approves the schematic or mechanical drawings, the next step is to create a circuit board layout or detailed and/or mechanical assembly drawings. We encourage customer review of this step of the process as well.

  5. Prototype manufacturing and assembly- The next step is to product a prototype circuit board or enclosures/chassis, purchase components, and manufacture the prototype assemblies.

  6. Prototype test- In most instances, the customer does most of the testing in-house to verify that the product works as expected, and also to get used to working with the product. We can provide additional testing to whatever level of completeness you require, from simple functional test to full performance testing under environmental extremes.

  7. Regulatory Consultation- We can provide technical consultation on most standard regulatory compliance/conformities prior and/or post prototyping phases and through our connections we even can schedule for independent local laboratories for such testing.

  8. Design Verification Test (DVT)- We can provide consultation and/or perform all design verification tests associated with both all aspect of the system including all its individual components (various PCB and or mechanical parts).

  9. Prototype signoff & engineering documentation generation- As a standard part of the process we provide you with full engineering documentation, including all mechanical drawings, schematics, PCB manufacturing files, bill of material, approved vendor list, and assembly documentation.

  10. Production- Whatever volume and schedule you need, through our close relationship with a major Contract Manufacturer (CM) we can match it. We can provide manufacturing services ranging from small prototype runs and consignment kits to high-volume full-turnkey production.

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